Who planned your life?

Growing up in the village was a beautiful thing and no one needed any direction to head to any other village as there was only one river that was flowing through our neighboring three villages. In case you got lost, you would always follow the river to your destination. The main road was only one[…]

Your Single Most Important Habit

The final frontier of biological research is still the enigmatic human brain. And at the cutting edge of recent study has been this phenomenon we call “habits.” One important finding has been what researchers and popularizers call “keystone habits” — simple, but catalytic new routines that inspire other fresh patterns of behavior. Take, for example,[…]

How To Please A Holy God

Do you live a life that is pleasing to God at all times? What are your aims and goals for this year with regards to your walk with the Lord? If you are like me, you likely desire to please God in all you do. As much as I desire to please God with all[…]